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What Is Awareness And How To Become More Aware?


Today I'm going to talk about awareness.

What is awareness?

How do you become more aware?

Why do you want to be more aware?

What triggered me to write about this topic is because work has been a bit rough the past couple of months and my personal growth journey is very much about becoming more aware with how i feel...

how to become more resilient when life gets frustrating...

And it's been helpful for me to practice awareness that's gotten me through the rough patches.

And that's what I want for you... to know what awareness is, to know how to practice self awareness and feel the internal benefits it can do for you.

What is awareness exactly?

It is being conscious. You are conscious of your feelings towards a specific event.

Some examples of being aware can include:

I feel happy after i go for a walk outside.

I feel frustrated with my workload because i'm overwhelmed.

I feel sad when I have to go home after visiting friends and family.

When it comes to thoughts, being able to recognize and name your feelings and ask, "Are these thoughts helpful?" is also another way to become more self-aware.

I'm constantly telling myself to be present as i get ready in the morning:

Amanda, enjoy putting on make up, doing your hair, washing your face.

It's not helpful trying to predict and plan out an entire night with your friend who you haven't seen in months.

I used to worry about lag in conversations and whether or not my friend(s) were having a good time. To avoid the silence, I'd plan out my questions to ask and assume how my friend(s) would respond. This is not helpful.

This prevents you from living in the moment and creates more stress and anxiety and overwhelm and we don't want that.

How do we become more aware?

We practice every single day.




It's asking those questions:

Is this helpful?

How do i feel right now?

How do i want to feel?

After I do the thing, how do i feel now?

Asking these questions to ourselves, helps us gauge whether we are living in the moment or not. It builds our awareness.

To build the habit of awareness, I invite you to use the 365 Habit Tracker and templated journal here.

By signing up for the download, you'll also be signing up for future emails that I send on a weekly basis, too! These emails share personal accounts from my life-- struggles and triumphs when it comes to stress and anxiety management, as well as recipes if I find something delicious.

If you found this post helpful, please share it with someone you love who might need the same advice. If you have a question for me, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email and I'd be happy to answer! I'm constantly working on new content that I think you'll enjoy and learn from so stay tuned for more.



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Kayla Voigt
Kayla Voigt
11. 3. 2021

My way of dealing with emotions is avoiding. Avoiding feeling the bad but that means I don't feel the good. It's a constant struggle to stay aware since my default is avoidance. It certainly is a daily practice. I'm so glad you are leaning in.

Also, if you haven't read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, you should! Its a game changer about shame and vulnerability.

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Amanda R
Amanda R
11. 3. 2021
Reakce na

Thank you for sharing, Kayla! I'm familiar with avoiding feeling the bad. I started doing it in high school up until probably 7-8 years ago. I still find myself avoiding at times, but practicing awareness has really helped. I'm proud of you for recognizing the action you default to and seeing that it's okay to feel the uncomfortable emotions.

Oh.. I have Daring Greatly on my GoodReads list and Amazon list! Looks like I'll be making my purchase (finally) :)



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