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It's A Certificate Of Completion

I have great news!

I completed the Stress Management course I signed up to take.

It had been about two years of thinking about taking a course like this before I finally just did it.

There were a lot of excuses about why I didn't sign up two year prior.

The money spent could go towards debt, other bills, etc.

I'm awful at exams, will this be a struggle, too?

I'm trying to building a health and fitness business, I have no time to pursue this class.

I already have so much going on with working full time, my side hustle, and having time for friends, family and myself.

It got to the point where I became frustrated with myself for repeating these excuses for as long as I did.

So, here we are. I passed with flying colors and learned a lot about stress and the diseases it can cause. I also learned a variety of ways to manage stress.

I can't wait to share with you! :)

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Kayla Voigt
Kayla Voigt
Mar 22, 2021

Yay! Proud of you!

Amanda R
Amanda R
Mar 22, 2021
Replying to

Wee!! Thank you!!!

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