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How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Negative Thought Loop With Music

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Today we're going to talk about music therapy and how it can support our mental and emotional health.

One way we can calm down when we're feeling stressed, anxious, have racing thoughts, stuck in a negative thought loop, etc, is with MUSIC!

When you notice you're entering a negative thought loop, the snowball process has already begun. The more you make excuses to not do something thats good for you, the more you ruminate on the past or over think about the future. Then the more you hyper focus on why you're thinking the way you're thinking because you shouldn't be “like this”. Instead of continuing this snowball effect, you can acknowledge this is happening, refer to your Happiness List and turn on the music!

Listening to music can decrease anxiety and stress, increase the release of endorphins, restore emotional balance, provide a sense of peace, improve energy levels and so much more!

Lately, I've had low energy, high stress most days. My anxiety was revving up, muscles felt tense, emotions were high.

As I was driving home from an appointment, I remembered that I made a playlist for times like these.

I created a playlist a couple of years ago as motivation to work on my online fitness business. It has heart pumping songs that put a smile on my face and make me want to dance wherever I'm at. I even listened to it while organizing the kitchen!

There's a mix of old and new school, upbeat music ranging from Britney Spears and Christina to Demi Lovato, Panic! At The Disco, and Imagine Dragons. It makes my heart so happy.

If you don't have a playlist with happy, peppy music... You have to make one today! I swear to you it's a game changer.

Add more songs to the playlist as they come out, too! My list is forever growing.

What music would go on your playlist? Share with me below.

I hope this helps!




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