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What Is a Happiness List?

Sophie the Teddy Bear

Back in 2019, I created a list of activities that I love to do. Each one had a positive effect on me with the same purpose - reduce stress and/or anxiety, stop a negative thought loop, and ultimately bring me into the present moment.

This list got me through a tough time where my mood sucked and I was constantly anxious and overanalyzing.

The feelings I get after doing one or two activities are not fleeting. These emotions I feel last.

Here's how you can quickly create your own Happiness List:

  1. Grab a sheet of paper (I used a grocery list pad)

  2. Make a list of activities that make you warm and fuzzy inside. Like you almost get giddy thinking about them. (Corny, I know, but trust me!)

  3. Put this some place you'll see it a lot... Living room, main bathroom, kitchen fridge-- Do NOT be embarrassed or ashamed of your list.

When you're feeling bleh, tight in your chest, heart palpitations, bored, lonely, gross, depressed, stressed, turn to this list. THIS LIST is going to get your mood up! THIS LIST is going to help you through these next few months.

My suggestion on what kinds of entertainment should be on this list - NO digital media unless it's a lighthearted movie or drawing on ProCreate, etc... Keep it light and fun like drawing, coloring, painting, a walk outside, calling or texting a friend (texting is different from scrolling social media)

When I'm feeling gross and in my head, these activities cheer me up:

- Puppy snuggles

- Coloring books

- Reading

- Listening to Elvis Duran in the Morning

- Listening to a podcast

- Watching Elf or a funny movie

- Talking a walk outside

- Working out

- Showering

- A new recipe

I'd love to see your Happiness List! Email me or tag me on social: @amandaragusa1 #shapeintohealthy




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