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One thing I stress out about on the daily

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Have you ever stopped and thought about all the things in your life that stresses you out? Is it all necessary?

I used to stress out about fitting in while in school, doing the best at work like I never made mistakes (umm... really??), in friendships I avoided uncomfortable conversations because not being able to control the outcome brought on stress.

Not only would I think about all of that, I’d also try to lose weight because I thought I’d be happier, more accepted in the popular group, feel better about myself... but then I began to OBSESS over meal prepping spending hours on Sunday, not go out to dinner with friends and family because that would mean I would make mistakes and not follow the plan... so than THAT layered on the stress.

THEN I would keep saying yes to friends and family while trying to be perfect at losing weight and not make mistakes at work. Talk about control freak... if one thing went wrong, I would lose it! Fists and jaw clenched so tight my joints would hurt, I would cry at anything. I was so high strung I didn’t know what to do Or how to come down. That was my normal. for unfortunately years...

Recently, within the last few years, I recognized this was not normal. This was not the way I wanted my life to be like. I began therapy, I began meditating, i Also stopped actively trying to lose weight. 😮 I want to lose weight but I also don’t want to be obsessed over it like I was in the past. That’s the focus.

journaling every day 3-2-1 statements is how I’ve been able to become a normal, imperfect eater. Every morning I write the date and the following:

3- “I am“ statements. Who I want to become is who I am. (ex. I am a normal imperfect eater. I am happy. I am confident.)

2- what are two positives that happened the day before that used to be really hard for me to follow through with in the past. (Ex. I ate 2 oreos instead of 6-10 that I would eat immediately after dinner In the past.) these statements don’t have to be about food either. It could be about not hitting snooze 5 times... or maybe getting to work on time.

1- finally, what is ONE thing you want to work on that day? (ex. Eat veggies at every meal.. no social media first thing in the morning)

It has taken me at least 4 years to finally start journaling 😂 my therapist mentioned it multiple times... and then a friend tells me it’s helped her and well... here I am! Since October 2019, I’ve hardly missed a day.

so I encourage you to start small. Like this 3-2-1 journaling. OR just begin to recognize what all you’re doing in your day that might be affecting your mood/activities. It’s small but it’s the first step.


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