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How You Might Be Adding Stress and Anxiety To Your Every Day Life

Do you find yourself making lists of work you have to do each day only to get easily overwhelmed? This feeling may cause anxiety along with heart palpitations, clenched jaw, procrastination, worry, fatigue, ruminating about the past or future.

How are you supposed to cross items off the To Do list if you can't focus?

Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed for a few reasons, which don't have anything to do with what's actually on your agenda.

  1. You don't engage in self-care as much as your body and mind truly requires.

  2. You struggle to say "No" for fear of judgement or letting those around you down.

  3. You feel the need to stay "busy" or "productive" because that's just what people do in today's world.

I understand how it feels to not have set boundaries and being engulfed by stress and anxiety. I understand how exhausting it can become when you're constantly striving to be productive or your To Do list seems to only grow instead of shrink.

Here's what you can do today to begin decreasing the tension you're placing on yourself:

  1. Schedule 10 minutes (to start) in the morning for yourself. Before everyone wakes up and before you have to meet the demands of work and others, take at least 10 minutes to stretch, mediate, journal, read. Breath in the quiet and stillness of the morning.

  2. Look at your To Do list and let's prioritize the items. Ask yourself: What needs to be done today? What can wait till next week/month? What is so unimportant at this point in time that can be removed?

Two steps to get you started. That's it. Setting boundaries and learning to say "No" takes time, practice and patience.

What helped me with this was giving myself the 'Me Time' my body and mind needed. It helped me accept that self-care is not selfish, recharge my batteries to be able to focus better on what actually matters vs the expectations I place on myself when it comes to staying 'busy'.

I hope these help! For more tips like this, be sure you're subscribed to my email list to get the latest updates and let me know how it goes.




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