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Create your own Happiness List.

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Wow! It's been a full month since my last post.

All I can say is that I have so much hope for us all as we move deeper into this pandemic and into the Winter months.

Everywhere you turn these days it's constant noise about the pandemic, the election, and how we should plan on these being the darkest days ahead.

I am not here to cause more noise, anxiety, or stress. But I'm here to help, you and I, plan for what's to come. We need a plan. A positive plan that will help guide us through these months.

This last month has been crazy busy at work. Not only are we working on print catalogs but we're gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday amongst additional marketing projects that are new and more complex. Among the longer hours at work, I've been trying to focus on getting more quality sleep, sticking to healthy eating (but no deprivation!) and just finding this balance where I don't want to crawl into a ball and hide from the craziness of life.

Taking a step back in some parts of your every day life is okay.

It takes practice and lots of self-talk to build the habit of creating safe boundaries for yourself, but it's worth it. It decreases the tension and stress within your body. It keeps your immune system stronger than it would be if you were a ball of stress.

So what's the positive plan?

Create your own Happiness List.

Corny? A little.

Helpful? YES!

I did this at the beginning of the pandemic... ya know... 100 lightyears ago (9 months in reality).

  1. Grab a small-ish sheet of paper (I used a grocery list pad)

  2. Make a list of activities that make you warm and fuzzy inside. Like you almost get giddy thinking about them. (Again, corny, but trust me!)

  3. Put this some place you'll see it a lot... Living room, main bathroom, kitchen fridge-- Do NOT be embarrassed or ashamed of your list.

  4. When you're feeling bleh, tight in your chest, heart palpitations, bored, lonely, gross, depressed, stressed, turn to this list. THIS LIST is going to get your mood up! THIS LIST is going to help you through these next few months.

My suggestion on what kinds of activities should be on this list-- NO digital media unless it's truly something you enjoy (ahem, social media)... Keep it light and fun like drawing, coloring, painting, a walk outside, calling or texting a friend (texting is different from scrolling social media)

I unfortunately don't have my original list to show you a picture of the down and dirtiness of it BUT here's what it had on it:

When I'm feeling gross and in my head, these activities cheer me up:

- Puppy snuggles

- Coloring books

- Reading

- Listening to Elvis Duran in the Morning

- Listening to a podcast

- Watching Elf or a funny movie

- Talking a walk outside

- Working out

- Showering

- A new recipe

So this is an example list from early in the year. Tonight I'm going to compile a new list to get me through the Winter of 2020.

What do you think of this idea? Are you going to try it out? If so, share it with me! I'd love to hear your feedback :)



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