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I feel overwhelmed when ...

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

so I meant to write a post last night except I had a handful of other shit I wanted to do and I began to feel overwhelmed.... This blog is meant to be for fun... informative... I want to share my stress/anxieties and how I combat them. Because of that, I told myself last night “it’s ok if I don’t publish a post Friday“ and “it’s ok, it’s meant to be FUN and youre not killing anyone by not posting tonight.“ 😉I still found it difficult to not post last night but it’s something I’m working on.

do you ever want and try to accomplish 5+ things that you think will be quick but 1) they never are and 2) you end up rushing through most of the tasks and getting frustrated with yourself because you’re going to be late to dinner? 🤦🏻‍♀️

For some reason I like to pile in cleaning the bathroom, working out, showering, vacuuming, meal prepping, checking social media and probably more in an hour before I have to be somewhere. WHY?! I know that every time this is not a good idea but I do it... I’ve done it for years!! 😑

how do I stay focused? Well, I talk to myself while getting ready hahaha... I ask myself “is this important? Is this helping me get ready?” Most of the time these questions help me stay focused. Some times it doesn’t and Im Still late or running out the door feeling anxious but I think the more I practice the easier it gets.

maybe you’re wondering what all I had to do last night? Maybe not.... if not then move on 😂

within 2-3 hours I wanted to work on a logo for my friend, make a beaded bracelet or 6, workout, do my PT exercises, relax, shower, write this blog post... lemme tell ya, not all of that happened and although I felt stress (from the expectation of being able to do it all) I managed to accept the fact that not all of it was going to get done.

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