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Is Now "THE" Time For A Routine

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

We're working from home, at least those that can...

We're social distancing when it comes to getting food at the grocery stores or gas...

We're doing virtual happy hours and game nights...

We're dancing in our living rooms to concerts from a celebrities Live on IG...

We're working out with our trainers in our basements...

I'm not sure if it's just the people/accounts that I follow, but with COVID-19 and IL on #StayHome for the next few weeks, I'm getting the sense that this is "The Time" to get our shit together.

Like..... people are doing actual jigsaw puzzles, spending time with their immediate family, cooking and baking with all the 'free time' they have.

Did we not realize we could do this before COVID-19 became a pandemic? Or maybe we're trying to feel less alone and posting more of this stuff on social media? Are we going to feel more loved and less lonely when we come out on the other side? Or are we going to feel more lonely than ever before?

Honestly, my hope is that this pandemic helps us all get our shit together. I hope that it helps us all realize (including myself) to put the screens down and enjoy more of the present moment.

Since Thursday (5 days ago), I have tried my darnedest to keep my routine. So far it's been good...

I've continued to put on makeup and regular clothes... during the week, hahaha. I've actually been more intentional about getting 7+ hours of sleep. I've paid more attention to the food I put in my body and take a mental note when I think I'm stress eating. It's still early to say whether or not I'll keep this streak going, but I'm writing it here that I honestly feel really good and confident I'll continue moving forward.

I will be the first person to admit that I loathed anyone that said how important it was to keep a routine going when life got difficult. I would internally roll my eyes. I would scoff under my breathe. (I really have no idea why I felt this way, but that's how I felt!)

Now more than ever before, we need to keep our routines going. Humans do not like change and boy, is this a big change.

Let's say that you and your family have been doing really well that last week or so, but you're feeling bored, tired, you want to let go of the routine. Maybe you've got too much going on that you're feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you've got too much on your shoulders and it's time to ask for help. Remember, it's OKAY to ask for help. It's time to learn to go easy on yourself. It's something I had to mentally tell myself over and over again until I became comfortable with the fact that I can't do it all.

Ask for help and perhaps disassemble your routine. What are 3 minimums you can strive for each day? For me, my minimums are eating veggies at least 2 meals/day, go for my daily 10 min walk, and journal.

Disassemble your daily routine and you might see that you're completely stressing yourself out by trying to do too much.


How are you holding up with COVID-19? Are you sticking to a routine or are you feeling a bit chaotic? How can I help you?

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